Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shatranj Updated

ViewModel tree has been introduced and been tied to the Views.

Next Steps:

  1. Have the board respect turns
  2. On selection, a piece must indicate on board the legal moves
  3. The player should be able to move his/her piece to the desired square
  4. Player should be able to customize the starting position of the board
  5. Integrate with Huo Chess
  6. Port to Silverlight 4.0
  7. Make it a multi-player game?


Spyridon Kakos said...

Hi. I am Spiros Kakos, the creator of Huo Chess. I think what you are trying to do is very interesting. Have you seen the XNA version of the Huo Chess?

Vyas Bharghava said...

Hi Spiros,

Sure... I'll take a look :) Honored to have drawn your attention.

Unfortunately, I'm extremely busy (lazy? :)) and finding time to see this to completion is proving to be a problem.

BTW, this XNA version, is your engine cloud-native? (Azure as opposed to the XBOX eco-system. Not much of a gamer)..