Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yahoo! I lost my Yahoo ID!

Well... I'm not sure if it is identity theft yet, but I lost my Yahoo! id I've been using a STRONG password for the past decade but yet one fine morning yahoo refuses to log me on. The password retrieval page asked me for three pieces of information which I was unable to furnish as: 1. I may have given a wrong birthday (when Yahoo allowed you to edit your birthdays). 2. I am based out of India but I wanted my ID to be on (as Yahoo was making life difficult for everyone and subtly pushing people towards getting a ID). So I might have abbreivated my then current postal code to make it a 5 digit US zip. 3. To cap it all, it was an ID created for me by somebody else. I am still surprised I was using it for as long as I did. Bottomline: 1. I lost my whole bunch of email contacts in my messenger. a. OK. Not entirely true. I was able to retrieve all the Yahoo IDs of my active friends from C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles\vyas_b\Archive\Messages. b. If you're one of them, please let me know by posting here. :) I also Orkut for your information. 2. I lost all my password emails. Now I have to change my passwords for all my other accounts [wherever I had registered on the web for news / purchases etc. etc.]. 3. I lost all my contacts 4. I have to change my primary personal email 5. And I discovered Google Apps for my domain!