Sunday, February 21, 2010

A tip on Groking MvvM

Six months ago, when I started leading a Silverlight development effort, MvvM was new to me.  Drawing on my OO Design experience, I fancied that I instinctively discerned what MvvM meant:  As little UI code as possible.  Meaning ‘zero’ code-behind.  Use data binding and your model to drive all interactions.

Six months on, now after battling lack of native support in the platform, I now feel 0 code-behind is a panacea and we don’t live in an ideal world!  Far from it.

So, here’s what I learnt:  Code-behind’s okay as long as it lives in the framework layer of your application.  There, I said it.   Your application layer should only be XAML.

I’m starting a series of posts on my experiences with Silverlight & MvvM.  Just hope my experience helps somebody!

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Jim Danby said...

Panacea? I fear you may have chosen the incorrect word.