Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tip: ScriptSharp and $(ScriptPath)

If you're using Script# "Class Library in a Web Site" template, you need to make sure you're Script# Projects are located inside the "bin\Scripts" of the Web site. Yes, you heard me right. If you want a reusable class library or simply want to use the scripts generated on multiple Web projects on the same solution, use either "Class Library" or "Atlas Class Library". I thought I had found a bug when I couldn't find the script files. Here's the complete analysis for the brave: 1) Select Script# "Class Library in a Web Site" template

2) Type the following it the default "Class1.cs" created
    1 // Class1.cs
    2 //
    4 using System;
    5 using System.DHTML;
    6 using ScriptFX;
    7 using ScriptFX.UI;
    9 namespace ThinkFarAhead.WordReporter.TestBed.ScriptsForWeb
   10 {
   12     public class Class1
   13     {
   14         public void Greet()
   15         {
   16             Script.Alert("Hi!");
   17         }
   19         public void Main()
   20         {
   21             new Class1().Greet();
   22         }
   23     }
   24 }
3) Compile and search for the *.js files created. Hey, at least I was searching for it forever! Here's my line of thinking went: If Script# is using MSBuild, the code for calling ssc.exe should be in the project.
   49   <Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)\nStuff\ScriptSharp\v1.0\nStuff.ScriptSharp.targets" />
Well, it does import some MSBuild targets. Let's see what is it:
   32     <ScriptCompilerTask
   33       Sources="@(Compile)"
   34       Resources="@(EmbeddedResource)"
   35       References="@(ReferencePath)"
   36       Defines="$(DefineConstants)"
   37       OutputPath="$(OutputPath)"
   38       ScriptPath="$(ScriptPath)"
   39       LocaleSubFolders="$(LocaleSubFolders)"
   40       ScriptName="$(ScriptName)"
   41       Template="$(TemplateFile)"
   42       CopyReferences="$(CopyReferences)"
   43       CSharpAssembly="@(IntermediateAssembly)"
   44       DocumentationFile="$(DocumentationFile)"
   45       SuppressDocumentation="$(SuppressDocumentation)">
   46       <Output TaskParameter="DebugScriptFile" ItemName="DebugScriptFile" />
   47       <Output TaskParameter="ReleaseScriptFile" ItemName="ReleaseScriptFile" />
   48     </ScriptCompilerTask>
Hm... it seems to be putting the scripts at $(ScriptPath). Let's see what's the path during compilation:
   49   <!-- Added by Vyas to know where Script# is keeping my files-->
   50   <Warning Text="Script Folder: $(ScriptPath)"/>
The project template is showing a value for $(ScriptPath) and I'm sure the compile-time warning added would confirm it
   22     <ScriptPath>..\..\..\App_Scripts\</ScriptPath>
Here's the compiler output:

------ Build started: Project: ThinkFarAhead.WordReporter.Web.Scripts, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Csc.exe /noconfig /nowarn:0028,1591,1701,1702 /nostdlib+ /errorreport:prompt /warn:4 /doc:..\ThinkFarAhead.WordReporter.Web.Scripts.xml /define:DEBUG /reference:"C:\Program Files (x86)\nStuff\ScriptSharp\v1.0\Framework\sscorlib.dll" /reference:"C:\Program Files (x86)\nStuff\ScriptSharp\v1.0\Framework\ssfx.Core.dll" /reference:"C:\Program Files (x86)\nStuff\ScriptSharp\v1.0\Framework\ssfx.UI.Forms.dll" /debug- /optimize+ /out:obj\Debug\ThinkFarAhead.WordReporter.Web.Scripts.dll /target:library Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs ClientCapabilityDetecter.cs

Compile complete -- 0 errors, 0 warnings

C:\Program Files (x86)\nStuff\ScriptSharp\v1.0\nStuff.ScriptSharp.targets : warning : Script Folder: ..\..\App_Scripts\

Done building project "ThinkFarAhead.WordReporter.Web.Scripts.csproj".

I would have tought it should put it inside the project folder! It's dereferencing it from the project folder and put it on the root for me. Project folder: D:\C#\ , Script output folder: D:\App_Scripts. I had looked at the samples before and it's putting the scripts correctly on the App_Scripts folder. Closer scrutiny this time reveals Nikhi's put the Script Projects "inside" the Web project itself at "bin\Scripts"! No wonder "..\..\..\App_Scripts" works for him.

Oh yes, I'm kicking myself for not figuring this one out much earlier!

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rekna said...

I'm trying implement jquery for scriptsharp. jquery has two types of 'get' functions. One of them implement XMLHttpRequest behavior, the others works on a DOMElement collection. I have trouble finding right declarations for these functions:

public class jQuery
public static XMLHttpRequest get(string url); { return null; }
public extern static XMLHttpRequest get(string url, Dictionary data) { return null; }
public static XMLHttpRequest get(string url, Dictionary data, GetCallback callback) { return null; }

public DOMElement[] get() { return null; }
public DOMElement get(double index) { return null; }

When I use one of the static functions, compiles ok, when I use one of the instance functions, I won't compile.

I can't rename them, because that's the name that has to be generated for jQuery...