Saturday, July 05, 2008

My New Rig - Part II: Assembling

Apologies for posting this second issue after so long!  When quad-cores are going out of fashion and dual or quad-quad cores are in ;)

The story goes like this:

  1. I found SG975XBX2 does not have a VGA out!
    • Shelled out nearly INR 2500/- [around USD $55]
  2. The SG975XBX2 does not support Intel Core-2-Quad
  3. I waited for over 2 weeks to get a replacement [No D975XBX2].  The shopkeeper would tell one story or the other and kept me at bay [with my money securely in his pocket, of course :)] for a ASUS board.
  4. Finally, I gave in and asked for a MSI P35 Platinum Combo
    • I had to literally sit there for an hour to get this
  5. The new board MSI P35 Platinum Combo had dual RAM support (DDR2 & DDR3)
    • Aside:  When you turn on the power for the first time, it switches itself off and restarts, presumably to detect memory used.  I wonder what purpose the "toggle card" has.  We are supposed to switch direction of the card per type of RAM used.   As if the grave warnings threatening dire consequences if the type of RAM and the direction of the switch card is wrong weren't enough!
  6. Installed Vista 64 Enterprise
    • One of the perks of being a Volume Licensing Administrator for the company.  A MSDN Universal subscription
  7. The machine booted alright but the processor was overheating (about 95 degree C).  Eventually traced it to incorrectly installed Processor Fan.  Now it hovers around 35 degree C
  8. Alas, by now, my monitor, a 20" Samsung SyncMaster 206BW started displaying horizontal lines [it's still in Warranty but in Europe!].  There goes my 2000 Swedish Kroner down the drain!

Final Component List:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
  • MSI P35 Platinum Combo
    • Integrated Sound 7.1
    • Integrated LAN Support
  • Transcend 4 GB DDR II RAM [800 MHz]
  • Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS

I took my Desktop with me when I shifted my base to US last month.  I found, to my dismay, my SMPS wouldn't support dual voltage and I shelled out $150 for an Antec S75QB.  Also bought a Samsung SyncMaster mentioned above for $550

  • Antec S75QB 750W ATX 12V
  • Samsung  SyncMaster 2493HM (24" LCD)

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