Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update: VS.Net 2008 Team Suite RTM

I'm still seeing only VS.Net 2008 trial as you can see below:



A brainwave struck me about ten minutes ago.  OK!  Only trial is available for download but I read somewhere the trial or full version is determined by the product key - obviously!  This is what I'm seeing when I  went the Product Keys page:




It talks about VS.Net rather than VS.Net 2005 / VS.Net 2008.  I reckon this should work for VS.Net 2008 Team Suite RTM.  I've started downloading VS.Net 2008 RTM.  Oh, yeah, just 30 more hours to go :)



sherman said...


I have been waiting for months to download the 2008 Team Suite. Did it work for you? were you able to use a real key on the trial version? Thanks in advance for your help.

Vyas Bharghava said...

Sorry for replying after so long. Per MSDN support, MSDN Universal subscribers are not entitled to a Team Suite license. They have to make do with professional edition.

If you / your company are a volume licensor, you could download it from the Volume Licensing site. It's been available for months, of course (apologies once again).