Monday, November 26, 2007

VS.Net 2008 Team Suite RTM Download

I've a MSDN Universal Subscription as a result of my company's Volume Licensing Agreement with Microsoft (MVLS).  Since I've been hearing that VS.Net 2008 has finally gone RTM and is available for download to MSDN subscribers, I decided to expend some bandwidth on downloading it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere.    The first link loudly proclaims that VS.Net 2008 is available on MSDN subscriptions.  It also states  - the red underlined line - that "All English Visual Studio 2008 Editions will be available from 'Top Downloads' below". 

But the Top Subscriber Downloads has only the Trial version. 


The only VS.Net 2008 available seems to be the professional version.  Number of  people seem to have downloaded it successfully.  No such luck for me :( 


I'm beginning to doubt if MSDN Universal Subscribers are eligible to receive VS.Net 2008 Team Suite or not.

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