Monday, November 05, 2007

Core Values

I would like to work for a Software company that:

  • Values Technical excellence
  • Believes in being the best at what it does: Producing Quality Software
    • Good design produces a quality product that reduces rework later
    • Believes that software must be designed for change
  • Believes Software Development is fun!  And strives to keep it so.
  • Encourages a product mindset
    • A product mindset is one where even a small project of 3 months duration is developed as though it were a marketable product.
  • Believes fostering trust with the client
  • Emphasizes on automation to keep the process overhead to a minimum
  • Encourages people to learn constantly and rewards them for their knowledge.
  • Maintains a flat hierarchy
  • Emphasizes Agile project management practices

Somehow, I've come to think all other bullets can just be restated with a single sentence:  Agile must be the way of live in my dream company :)

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