Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Local Storage != Offline?

I'm tinkering with at Dojo Offline Toolkit now.  It seems that Dojo Offline integrates with Google Gears as well.  I didn't suspect "Offline" [or "Offlining"] might be greater than Local Storage.  Dumb me!

Yeah, Dojo 0.9.0 download has GearsStorageProvider & FlashStorageProvider scripts under dojox\storage folder [No SilverlightProvider yet].

Will post my understanding soon as I get my 'aha' :)


Aside: Dojo 0.9.0's archive is a *.tar.gz file.  I used UltimateZip Command Line 1.0 to unzip it.



Brad Neuberg said...

Note that only the GearsStoreProvider works with 0.9 as of now; I need volunteers to help port the old FlashStorageProvider from Dojo 0.4 to 0.9.

Brad Neuberg

Vyas Bharghava said...


I'd love to spend some time on it... Can you guide me on this? If possible, just give me some bullets - directions - and I would look into what I can do and get back to you.

Regards, Vyas

Vyas Bharghava said...


This is the first time I'll be contributing to an Open Source project. I'm glad to have the assistance of an expert. :)
[Aside: I'm a novoice in Dojo as well. But I can read, code in JavaScript and willing to learn.]

1. I went to Dojo site and registered myself
2. Visited Book50

And from what I understand on the porting book 0.4-0.9 that there are "core" things - such as the event system - etc. have changed from 0.4-0.9. And since, 0.9 is not backwards compatible, we need to "upgrade" the old code.

I deduce that this understanding might be incorrect as I am unable to explain was how my 0.9 release source contains Flash storage providers.

Please help.

Regards, Vyas