Monday, October 08, 2007

Ajax Local Storage and Grinding Google Gears

You're on a proxy server which requires authentication. Please note that we're currently unable to support this type of proxy.

This is the error Google Gears displays because I'm behind a corporate firewall [that requires authentication, naturally].  Considering that it must be trivial for Google to provide this functionality out of the box, its absence is puzzling.

Fiddler2 does it out-of-the-box but then it's not an IE plug-in.  Nikhil's WebDevelopmentHelper does it [it's an IE plug-in] but may not be a "man-in-the-middle".  It may just be listening in on the conversation between IE & the proxy.

So, today, for local storage, you could use:

Hello Microsoft, [knock... knock] are you guys listening?   Here's your chance for one-up-man-ship.  By providing local storage and every other thing everybody has been asking for in Silverlight,  you could still be ahead of Google [Gears]!.   [Aside: Hey, let's not panic,  YouOS  is no reason for us to not improve IE, right? :) ]

  • You can wait for Microsoft to update Silverlight or roll your own IE plug-in.  Easier to do in VB 6.0 than in .Net  [Need no CLR or the Framework].  Write a signed Script-able ActiveX control that could be configured by JavaScript.  Users could also override that info through a Configuration screen.   For example, override the application preference for 100GB of local space [:)] and deny access to his/her webcam etc. etc. [just as in Flash].

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