Monday, March 17, 2014

Arduino - Day 4: Shopping Spree


The moment I unpacked, I realized my table’s gonna be a mess (as if it already weren’t) for quite some time to come.  And I’ll keep searching for resistors and such.  It all started with a need for an organizer and quickly grew into things I knew I would need & soon.

The thing I miss most is additional Breadboards for a quick sojourn into side projects (such as the 7 segment LCD display I meant to blog today.  Aside:  I had to post about the LCD display, so I had to rip out and reassemble  Sad smile).

Here’s the full list:

I already own a Dewalt 18V Drill/Driver Kit.  Guess what!  I had to drill to make the holes bigger on the Microtivity Prototyping boards.

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