Saturday, June 28, 2008

A post after a long time!

It had been a hectic year for me.   From Feb, it had been a whirlwind of events over which I had little control.  

  1. I was supposed to move to US for a year last Feb
  2. Sent my pregnant wife back to her folks as she'd have to manage alone if I were to fly
  3. The travel was postponed by couple of months!
    1. Blast the client that took that decision.  Managers seldom have the foggiest the ripple effects their decisions have.
  4. Took possession of my new apartment in Mar
  5. Vacated my then rented residence in Noida and moved all my things there single handedly
  6. Became a father [for the second time] to another fairy christened Sanchita in April.
  7. Was on a [well deserved] couple of week vacation right after that!
  8. Travelled to US was finally confirmed!
  9. Returned to Noida and suffered couple of bad [Luckily, only financially] car accidents where I had to claim Insurance 4 times!  [Two double claims, really]
  10. Was told I wouldn't be getting my car back before I travelled
  11. Inconvenienced a colleague and friend to pick it up and park it at my apartment
  12. Moved all of the unpacked items into the Guest Bedroom
  13. Let it out for couple of months [Lucky?]
  14. Visited my Wife & Kids before travel for couple of days!
  15. Flew finally to and here I am, in Reno, NV awaiting my family to join me in a month's time.
  16. Stayed in Extended Stay for a week
  17. Realized [first of many 'realizeds' ;)] that I could not locate my Travel adapter in my partially unpacked apartment
  18. Without a Driver's license, shelled out $30 to go to the nearest Radio Shack and bought my 3rd Travel adapter in as many trips.
  19. Bought a Samsung 24" TFT and a Microsoft Ego 4000 [my 2nd one] to go with my CPU brought from India [my barely 6 month old Core 2 Quad]!
  20. Realization dawned on my dumb skull that the SMPS in my India PC is 230 V
    1. This happened with me on the Extension, Iron as well!!!  Dumb thrice! [sigh].  Thrice is what I thought!  Hmm... I concede I'm no psychic.
  21. Reluctantly sunk 150$ [30$ mail-in rebate I'd never set my hands on] on a 750 Watt Silencer SMPS
  22. Received yesterday and started my quest for a Phillips Screwdriver!
  23. Sunk another $7 buying "Allied 16 Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set"
  24. Started today at last, and found my damned PC cabinet wouldn't make room for the new SMPS.
  25. So, now my machine's all opened up, wires dangling everywhere and I'll have to get a new Cabinet [I did feel some foreboding intuition when I scorned that combo offer at]
  26. But hey, did I tell you, albeit all the trouble,  I'm online  and of course it beats my laptop hands down!
    1. And my 24" monitor is a beauty!  I went for a Samsung even after the 20" TFT I had bought in Sweden developed twelve horizontal lines within a span of 6 months.

Guys/Gals, drop me a line at Linkedin / my official id for my latest co-ordinates.

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